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The Problem.

Sonosa Medical Inc. is developing the next generation of tools to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea.

An estimated 1 Billion people worldwide suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and this number is growing. Many of these cases go undiagnosed, undertreated, or completely untreated. In the United States, only around 14% of OSA cases have been diagnosed, which still represents about 6 Million cases.

OSA causes partial or complete airway collapse during sleep, leading to frequent sleep disruptions and poor sleep quality. OSA affects daily and long term health with increased fatigue and significantly increased risk for conditions like depression, heart failure, and diabetes.

One of the limiting factors to diagnosing and treating OSA cases, is the inconvenient and uncomfortable process required. OSA management is based on technologies that have been around for more than 50 years, and despite their flaws, no newer technologies have been capable of replacing them for the majority of patients.

Sonosa is developing the next generation of OSA management tools, using ultrasound to both diagnose and treat OSA with revolutionary comfort and simplicity.

The Impact.

OSA is associated with not just the fatigue of sleep deprivation, but can lead to systemic medical conditions including neurological, psychological, cardiac, and metabolic diseases.
For example, patients with OSA have a high percentage of these conditions:

Stroke: 63%

Depression: 45%

Diabetes: 77%

Heart Failure: 76%

The Scope.

Nearly 1 Billion people suffer from OSA worldwide with an estimated 43 Million in the United States alone. Currently only about 14% of suspected OSA cases are diagnosed and, of those that are diagnosed, only about 60% are adequately treated with existing technologies. This means that there are nearly 40 Million people in the US could benefit from improved tools for managing OSA.

938M estimated cases of OSA worldwide.
43M estimated cases of OSA in the US.
6M diagnosed cases of OSA in the US.
>40% reject recommended treatments.

The Cost.

For the existing 6 Million OSA patients in the US, OSA costs over $12 Billion dollars every year to diagnose and treat; yet this only represents 14% of the true OSA population. The cost of untreated OSA exceeds $150 Billion per year in indirect costs such as associated medical conditions, fatigue related car accidents, and lost productivity.

Cost ($ Billions)

    Diagnosis: $1 Billion
    OSA Surgery: $5 Billion
    Standard Treatments: $6 Billion
    Economic Burden: $150 Billion

The Solution.

Wearable ultrasound imaging and therapy

  • Surgical Planning

    Ultrasound localization of obstructions

    Sonosa is developing a wearable ultrasound system to fundamentally change how OSA is managed surgically. Without understanding the anatomy of obstructions for each individual patient, surgical interventions can be ineffective. Sonosa's wearable ultrasound system can provide a direct visual of obstructions during normal sleep, so surgeons know precisely where to target every procedure.

  • Diagnostic

    Ultrasound diagnosis of OSA

    Existing diagnostic procedures, such as a polysomnogram (sleep study), are incovenient and uncomfortable. They require a battery of tests to provide indirect assessment of obstructions. Sonosa can provide a direct visual of the airway and eliminate many of the peripheral sensors currently used. Sonosa is developing a portable, comfortable in-lab or at-home test that doesn't compromise on data quality.

  • OSA Therapeutic

    Ultrasound therapy for OSA

    Sonosa is at the cutting edge of research into ultrasound based therapeutics to bring a groundbreaking treatment for OSA that is comfortable, effective, and completely non-invasive.

Our Team

Sonosa Medical Inc.


Stephen Restaino, PhD

Founder, CTO

Jeff Wolf, MD

Founder, Medical Advisor

Gil Blankenship, PhD

Founder, Acting CEO

Maryland Development Center

Sonosa grew out of the Maryland Development Center, a startup studio dedicated to improving technology transfer out of Maryland's top-tier research institutions. MDC was critical in developing the Sonosa technology and launching our company.
Learn more about MDC here:

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